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  • UVU Marks

    The marks for the 2014 UVU Dancesport Festival are available below:

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    Denys and Antonia Latin Workshop at Charisma Studio

    Danys Drozdyuk and Antonia Skobina will give Latin Ballroom Workshops at Charisma Studio on 245 S Maint Street in Springville. Workshops will be March 17 & 18 from 8 – 9:30 pm and March 10 from 4 – 5:30 pm. More information is available in the flyer below:

    Denys and Antonia Workshop Flyer

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    Mistake in High School Samba/Rumba Event – Special Event on Saturday

    Summary: A mistake was made in the mark calculation in High School Samba/Rumba. 38 couples were not recalled who should have been. There will be a special event just for these couples Saturday (tomorrow) at 9:45 am. Details below. Contact Lee Wakefield or Curt Holman with any questions.


    Dear competitor in the High School Syllabus Latin (S/R),

    Earlier today when we ran the first round of your event the marks were calculated in such a way that 38 of the couples who should have been recalled to the second round were not included.  We apologize for this error.  Since the problem was not discovered until the beginning of the semi-final it was impossible to begin the event again, realizing that not all of the original couples would still be here in the Marriott Center.

    We have decided that

    Read the rest of “Mistake in High School Samba/Rumba Event – Special Event on Saturday” »

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    Nationals Schedule and Heat Lists Updated

    The Final Schedule has been posted for the National Championships next week. You can access it here:


    The Heat Lists have also been updated. You can access your heat list here (click on your name):


    As always, be ready to dance at least 30 minutes before your scheduled event time.

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    Nationals Schedule Posted

    The schedule for the US National Amateur Dancesport Championships has been posted to their website. You can access it here:

    Nationals Schedule

    Please note that there are several individuals events on Wednesday this year. Events begin Wednesday at 2:00 pm. You can check your individual heatlist here:

    Nationals Heat Lists

    Formation teams and Team Match schedules, maps and info can be found here:

    Team Info

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    UVU Schedule Update and Closed Events

    The schedule for the UVU Winter Dancesport Festival this weekend has been updated. You can access the latest schedule here:

    2014 UVU Winter Dancesport Festival Schedule

    Also, the following events are closed to further entries:

    • Amateur Latin (C/S/R/PD/J)
    • Amateur West Coast SwingBronze American Cha Cha
    • Bronze Latin Samba
    • Elem Syllabus American (F/CC)
    • Elem Syllabus Latin (S/PD)
    • HS Level 1 Waltz – Danzinskule
    • HS Syllabus Ballroom (W/Q)
    • Jr High Syllabus American (F/CC)
    • Junior Ballroom Formation
    • Junior Latin Formation
    • Junior Latin Showdance
    • Novice Ballroom (W/Q)
    • Novice Smooth (W/F)
    • Open Jr Smooth (W/T/F/VW)
    • Open Yth Ballroom (W/T/VW/F/Q)
    • Pre-Champ Smooth (W/T/F)
    • Pre-Teen Ballroom Formation
    • Pre-Teen Latin Formation
    • Pre-Teen Latin Showdance
    • Silver Latin Paso Doble
    • Youth Ballroom Formation
    • Youth Ballroom Showdance
    • Youth Latin Formation
    • Youth Latin Showdance
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    UVU Tentative Schedule and Available Entries

    The tentative schedule for the UVU Winter Dancesport Festival this weekend is now available. The schedule is subject to change. Please be ready to dance 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

    The organizers would like to thank everyone for their support of the competition! The competition has been very popular this year. The organizers will not be able to wait for dancers who are late! Click below for the schedule:

    2014 UVU Winter Dancesport Festival Tentative Schedule

    The remaining available entries for the events at the Festival are also now available. Some events, such as the team formation events, have reach their limit and are closed to additional entries.

    2014 UVU Winter Dancesport Festival Available Entries

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    U of U Ballroom Challenge Schedule

    The tentative schedule for the Ballroom Challenge at the University of Utah in the Ray Olpin University Union Ballroom (200 S. Central Campus Drive SLC, UT 84112) this evening is now available below. Events begin at 6:30 pm. Contact Krista Derington or Alexander Hughes for more information.

    2014 U of U Ballroom Challenge Tentative Schedule

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    New Syllabus Rules, Team Rule Reminders, and Heat Lists

    New NDCA Syllabus Rules

    Coaches and dancers, please note that there are NEW NDCA RULES for all syllabus categories. In some cases there have been significant changes and/or clarifications. It is STRONGLY recommended that all coaches and couples check the new NDCA Approved Figures, Elements, and Restrictions, available at the NDCA website here (also in the News section):

    Formation Team Rule Reminders

    The NDCA Team event invigilator has asked all teams and especially coaches to remember several important rules for team events. The following rules in particular will be enforced at the upcoming national championships in Provo:

    • - All entrance and exit maximum duration will be enforced. For example, Youth teams are allowed up to 30 seconds for an entrance (with music) and another 30 seconds for their exit (no music allowed). “The timing begins when the first person sets foot onto the dance floor. The timing ends when the last person on the team steps off the dance floor.” (NDCA Rulebook XII, E and F)
    • - No lifts are allowed at any time in any category (except for Cabaret). “A lift is any movement during which one of the dancers has both feet off the floor at the same time with the assistance or support of their partner.” (NDCA Rulebook XII, H)
    • - The number of dances allowed is limited per age division. For example, Junior teams may only dance a maximum of 3 dances from the approved list for each style. “Transition” dances count against this total. (NDCA Rulebook XII, F)
    • - In the Ballroom/Smooth categories, only 50% of the bars of music may be solo or open work. “At least 50% of their bars of music must be danced completely in the traditional competitive ballroom hold.” “…solo (open) work in the Ballroom/Smooth category is defined as when any couple in the formation team is not in the traditional competitive ballroom hold (which includes the lady’s left hand being placed on the man’s right shoulder).” Coaches must submit a breakdown of the phrasing of the music indicating which measures are open at the team’s rehearsal in the tournament facility. (NDCA Rulebook XII, I)

    Please refer to the NDCA Rulebook for a complete list of all rules:


    Preliminary Heat Lists

    The preliminary heat lists have been posted for the upcoming nationals. You can access them at the byudancesport.com website here:


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    UBEA and Timpanogos Marks

    The judges marks for the UBEA State Title Match and Timpanogos Dancesport Festival are now available. Click below to download.

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